Human Sexuality is Not My Hill to Die On.

As an avowed Christian, I am less concerned with what you do in your private time than I am with treating you how I’d want to be treated myself. I do not want you in my bedroom any more than you want me in yours.

It is not my place to cast doubt, judge, or give orders to you. Your walk with Christ is a personal one, and I am not in the midst of it. Do I have my views on what scripture says? Yes. Is it my place to force them on you, whatever they may be? No.

To think that the church has allowed itself to become mired in sexual morality. With wars, starvation, and greed destroying creation, we’ve chosen this as our hill to die on?

A while back, a meme circulated online. On the left was two men kissing. On the right was an emaciated child on the edge of death. The caption read “whichever one of these sickens you more says a lot about you as a human being.”

Christian, this is where we are at. Are we going to continue to fight for the sexual mores of an ancient people, or are we going to use our faith and love in Christ to care for the underprivileged and forsaken?

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