Climbing the Ladder from Low to High

One of my oft-mentioned, favorite celebrity pastors, Ed Stetzer, shared a list of his ten most popular articles of 2017.  Topping that list was a response to Hank Hanegraaff eschewing Evangelical Christianity for Eastern Orthodox.  From that article: Yet, the evangelical bent towards Western individualism has opened the door to an ‘every Bible for itself’ [...]


More About that Hill I Won’t Die On

Thursday, I posted my views on the modern evangelical crusade against homosexuality: To think that the church has allowed itself to become mired in sexual morality. With wars, starvation, and greed destroying creation, we’ve chosen this as our hill to die on? Looking back at this, I find myself posed with even more thoughts and [...]

On Copts, “Real” Christians, and Who’s Saved

Our friends over at Pulpit and Pen have  ignited a proverbial firestorm this week.  As you've surely heard, 21 Christian men were savagely executed by ISIS in Lybia.  As most of the world mourns these men and their sacrifice, someone is quick to play the "they aren't really Christian" card. Do Southern Baptist leaders and other [...]