More About that Hill I Won’t Die On

Thursday, I posted my views on the modern evangelical crusade against homosexuality: To think that the church has allowed itself to become mired in sexual morality. With wars, starvation, and greed destroying creation, we’ve chosen this as our hill to die on? Looking back at this, I find myself posed with even more thoughts and [...]

Killing with Kindness

You hear the phrases "I needed this" and "this really spoke to me" thrown around a lot.  I'm very reluctant to use them.  Partly because I think they water down the discourse, partly because I'm loathe to go with the flow when it comes to everything.  (Everyone else is doing it, so I'm going to [...]

Coming Back Around to Things

I've been silent lately. I haven't attended church regularly in nearly four years. I still have my faith, I've never lost it. It's changed a bit, yes, but it's still there. Hypocrisy drove me away from church. People disguising their political opinions as God's word slammed a door in my face. The unbiblical mish-mash of [...]