Not Every Concern is a Valid One

The latest crisis du jour?  The stereotyped characters on The Simpsons are offensive to people who don't like the stereotype. I know: It's a cartoon. That is the easiest, silliest response to this debate. It's just a cartoon. It's just a comedy. Or, as the photo of Apu pointedly says, don't have a cow. But [...]

Legalistic Communion

In just about all churches I've been a part of, communion only takes five minutes and seems like an afterthought to the service.  The congregation gets a spiel about how the church doesn't believe in transubstantiation or consubstantiation.  There's a comment on why the church isn't using wine.  We're reminded we shouldn't partake if we [...]

Hey, can we turn those swords to plowshares yet?

Yet another school shooting, yet another day in gun-crazy America. The land of the free where you can't afford health insurance, but by-gawd you can get a weapon designed to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time. We'll swap memes and arguments supporting our differing and varied views.  Someone will [...]

The Globe and Mail: I Have Forgotten How to Read

I have forgotten how to read Paragraphs swirled; sentences snapped like twigs; and sentiments bled out. The usual, these days. I drag my vision across the page and process little. Half an hour later, I throw down the book and watch some Netflix. Out for dinner with another writer, I said, "I think I've forgotten how [...]

Consciousness after death… is it the soul? Where does it go?

Where Do You Go When You Die? The Increasing Signs That Human Consciousness Remains After Death Modern resuscitation was a game-changer for emergency care, but it also blew apart our understanding of what it means to be dead. Without many people returning from the dead to show us otherwise, it was natural to assume, from [...]

Climbing the Ladder from Low to High

One of my oft-mentioned, favorite celebrity pastors, Ed Stetzer, shared a list of his ten most popular articles of 2017.  Topping that list was a response to Hank Hanegraaff eschewing Evangelical Christianity for Eastern Orthodox.  From that article: Yet, the evangelical bent towards Western individualism has opened the door to an ‘every Bible for itself’ [...]

News Flash Larry: That Requirement Died on the Cross

Whooo buddy.  They're coming out of the woodwork like the roaches they are. A Texas Republican candidate for governor cited what he said was “Biblical law” last week and vowed to “gladly execute” convicted LGBT people. Out Smart magazine first reported that Larry Kilgore made the remarks about homosexuals on Twitter. I'd gladly execute a [...]

More About that Hill I Won’t Die On

Thursday, I posted my views on the modern evangelical crusade against homosexuality: To think that the church has allowed itself to become mired in sexual morality. With wars, starvation, and greed destroying creation, we’ve chosen this as our hill to die on? Looking back at this, I find myself posed with even more thoughts and [...]